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the snooze button – june 29, 2009

We lost another celeb, the weekend was too short and Monday is already here…bang The Snooze to find out what else went down yesterday…

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five wide

These are the Sunblock girls, a pop group from Sweden. I think American Idol and the rest of the music industry should take some notes….Let’s go five wide!

The U.S. beat Egypt in soccer over the weekend 3-0 but the bigger story might be that the Egyptian team was robbed by hookers – deadspin

Every time the Yankees play the Marlins the Yankees fans invade the Marlins stadium. I guess this guy had enough. – youtube

Is there anything better on television then watching Triumph the insult comic dog rip into people? Would you like to see him make fun of some smelly hippies at Bonaroo? Of course you would – Huffington Post

Brian “Boom goes the dynamite!” Collins career is over! say it aint so! – busted coverage

Are coaches going to rivals.com and other recruiting sites to find which players to recruit? – EDSBS

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the snooze button – june 10, 2009


Busy day in sports. Orlando bests LA, the Pens force game 7 and Tim Floyd resigns at USC??  Time to SNOOZE…

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the snooze button – wednesday june 3, 2009


The Pens show some life, the Yanks stay hot and Lebron has surgery??  That annoying noise is the snooze button, HIT IT…..

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Football at Yankee stadium?

Chunky Charlie is at it again. According to ESPN Notre Dame is in talks to play the first game of football at the old Yankee stadium. Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbick told the New York Times “we have been in contact with Yankee Stadium and asked and inquired.

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