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if you were bored of the classic rose bowl matchups then this is your lucky day!

The Rose Bowl once known for the classic Big 10/PAC 10 match up and also well known for Rey Maualuga grinding on Erin Andrews is getting a shake up. Looks like the classic matchup is no more.

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Five Wide

Mirella Grisales draped in lingerie should help you get over any hard feelings you may have towards your teams draft picks tonight. Time to go five wide!

USC football is the mother of all economic stimulus packages – USC poops money

Ohio high school coaches like the nice and young. – busted coverage

with the NBA Draft on right now here is a chance to see the ultimate NBA player!

This two year old smokes a pack of heaters a day. Ironically cancer runs in his family.

official lightsabers for wii!!! – gizmodo

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This whole transfer to USC thing seems to be working well…

Well, this would be an interesting twist.  Hold on while EmptyBackfield finishes laughing after this came across the desk….ok, we are good now.  Mitch Mustain may be academically ineligible for the Trojans this year.  The LA Times is reporting that Pete Carroll has confirmed there are issues with Mustain suiting up for the Trojans this fall.  Mustain transfered from Arkansas, where he was 8-0 as a starter, after his freshman year(07) and sat out last season due to NCAA transfer rules.  Just from watching CFB Live it seems that Aaron Corp and Matt Barkley might have the upper hand in the race to be the USC starter this season.  Somewhere, probably The Grove at Ole Miss, Houston Nutt is smiling right now…..

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2009 College Football Coaching Changes That Matter

In EmptyBackfield’s on going attempt to preview the 2009 season, today we are going to learn about the new Head Ball Coach’s(HBC) at some of the major programs in College Football.  It seems every season almost some part of every program’s fan base is screaming for a coaching change.  “Their” coach has no idea what he is doing, can’t call plays and never blitzes at the right time.   However, what most people fail to realize it is not a walk in the park to fire the old head coach(which these days brings a 7 figure buyout) and bring in that “new snazzy offensive coordinator” who has ZERO head coaching experience.  Well with that being said here are the SEVEN coaching changes that will ACUTALLY matter during the 2009 season and beyond in college football. 

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Five Wide

I want to apologize for not getting five wide up every day last week. I had a lot of stuff going on and was getting the emptybackfield t-shirts done and made which look sweet by the way. (free t-shirt contest coming soon) To show how truly sorry I am here is a pic of Emily Scott in a bikini I hope all is forgiven…Let’s go five wide!

the guys at deadspin have video of Artie Lang on Joe Buck’s new show which aired last night on HBO. It was hilarious to see Joe’s reaction to Artie but what did he expect? – deadspin

Some USC fans doing a Pete Carroll tribute to “Sweet Caroline” – EDSBS

sweetest beer bong EVER – withleather

Weird Al is at it again, this time with a song called “Craigs List”. here is the video.

Scott Van Pelt and Tiger Woods being pretty hilarious. – sports crackle pop

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top 5 rivalry games you should care about

Football season is creeping up on us faster then a Florida Gator running from the po-po’s so now is a great time to look at the top 5 rivalry games you should watch out for this season. Before we jump into it let’s set some guidelines for the list.

History Matters – One of the best things about college football is the rich deep tradition that it has. We care more about rivalries that have spawned tradition for and love the animosity that it brings.

Is the rivalry competitive - If it is less of a rivalry and more like John Matrix blowing heads off in Commando then its not a real rivalry. Take for example USC and Notre Dame. These two teams play every year but it has become such a lopsided rivalry we could care less. (okay, we always like seeing ND get worked but you know what i mean.)

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five wide

Who is hotter Jessica Biel or Jessica Rabbit? How about Jessica Biel playing Jessica Rabbit! Consider your mind blown….time to go five wide!

When people think about the number “24″ they usually think about the hours in a day, or the TV show but in this case 24 stands for the amount of Gators arrested since 2005. – Orlando Sentinel

Have you ever wanted to learn how to shave points as an NBA official? well it is your lucky day because Tim Donaghy is getting out of jail soon and apparently writing a book. – get out of jail free card

Taylor Mays decided to stay at USC even being one of the premier safeties in college football which left me confused why he didn’t go pro. Now after watching him with the USC song birds I think i have a better understanding. – totalprosports

This has been circling the web today but a Chicago news reporter dunks on a little kid and makes him cry. what a jerk! WGN Bully

UCLA redshirt sophomore Chris Forcier is transferring too…Furman? Check out this press release his family sent out that looks more like 5,000 mile car check then a press release. – deadspin

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Breaking News: Sanchez uses blue steel to get contract

Mark Sanchez has agreed to terms with the New York Jets according to Sal Paolantonio of espn.com.

Sanchez signed a 5 year deal with $28 million in guarantees. Sanchez the form USC QB was the 5th pick in this years NFL draft.  

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Montana commits to U-DUB…gets to play with these guys


The first big “get” for new coach Steve Sarkisian at Washington will be Nick Montana aka Joe Montana’s son.  Montana commits to UDub while having offers on the table from Bama, Ohio State and LSU just to name a few.  Click here for the story and some commentary….

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the snooze button – june 10, 2009


Busy day in sports. Orlando bests LA, the Pens force game 7 and Tim Floyd resigns at USC??  Time to SNOOZE…

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