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five wide

Stephanie Marshall from coed magazine really makes me miss college. So much so I am going to turn off the lights, light some candles, listen to Asher Roth and oogle her picture for a while…..Let’s go five wide!

we love nerds, especially when they freak out over video games. Here are the 10 best

Got problems with collusion in your fantasy league? take it to court!

Craig Robinson wants you to get sexy

Where is chong li the bad ass from bloodsport? glad you asked

UFC is coming to my hometown of Oklahoma City! – cagepotato

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five wide

Aaron Rodgers is enjoying his status as a starter and is know getting sexed up by this super model Julie Henderson. Man its good to be king of cheese town. Let’s go five wide!

Cage Potato is doing there top 10 moments in UFC history. Great way to gear up for UFC 100.

UT linebacker Sergio Kindle drove his car into an apartment complex, ran away, and went to bed. – deadspin

Keeping it simple and awesome here is a video of a drunk chick hitting her head. – tasty booze

LSU fans are a wholesome bunch and like to make it a family affair. Including bringing there 4 year olds to drink. – total pro sports

JaMarcus Russell is a great leader. – the big lead

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The Snooze Button – Tuesday June 2, 2009

The Snooze is a little late today due to technical problems.  We are going to run with a few stories that are making news in the early afternoon….Lets Snooze!!!

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What we learned this weekend

I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. Mine consisted of several pool parties/get togethers and now I’m nursing a minor sun burn. Personally, I learned that all the sun screen in the world cannot protect my Jewish skin. Enough about me though, here is what we all learned from this weekend of sports.

Not even a sour tummy can stop Melo and the Nuggets. The nuggets proved once again that they are not going to lose this series without a fight.

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Five Wide: Click and be happy

It’s Memorial Day weekend and like many of you out there I have a pool party to attend and oh how i wish that Leighton Meester was sitting pool side with me. She might be the bad girl Blair on gossip girl but she will always hold a soft spot in my heart. Let’s go five wide!

UFC 98 is this weekend and I was gonna write a article about how it’s a must watch even for the casual fight fan but No Mas has a extraordinary article on it. No Mas

Tom Lennon from the state but probably better known for his work on Reno 911 has a hilarious video on my favorite comedy site Funny or die.

NFL crunch time! coming to a video game system near you! NFL crunch time

Stephen Colbert argues with well, Stephen Colbert about graduation speeches. Colbert Nation

Aziz from park & rec and human giant fame has a funny Tim and eric sketch up Cinco Urinal Shower

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