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Utah Makes it PAC 12

PAC 10 couldn’t land Texas but they got there consolation prize. Utah has decided to leave the Mountain West Conference and try its hand at a BCS conference in the PAC 10.

In its last 10 meetings against the PAC 10 UTAH is 7-3 and will have a natural geographical rivalry with Colorado so this seems like a good fit.

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BCS predictions

The college football season is coming to an end. As a New Years gift from EB to you we have our last minute BCS picks to help you get in the holiday betting spirit.

ROSE – THE Ohio State U 31 Oregon 26 – I will be in attendance for an EB blog post to kickoff 2010 – I know Oregon will score points, but I figure they will get 4 FG’s in the red zone and the Bucks will get off the losing schnide behind a big day from the underrated 3 headed monster of Boom Herron, Zoom Saine and The Phenom – that’s right, I am breaking off nicknames and I am a HOMER!  Plus, Cam “Lil’ Ironhead” Heyward and the uber-talented OSU D-Line will dominate Oregon’s running game – I am also predicting Thad Gibson, aka Alpha Junk yard Dog of OSU, will coldcock knockout LaGarrette Blount after the game…

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red river rivalry: time to get nasty

9:06  Ladies and Gentlemen we are off and running this morning.  Becks is decked out head to toe in Crimson Cream and already getting fired up.  I must say he seems a little bit subdued compared to years past.  I think its the hard partying from last night but I have a feeling it will get rowdy upon the first sighting of Colt Mcoy.  Sitting in on the action today is Doug Becker, Justin’s dad, and me.  Should be fun.

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five wide

Aaron Rodgers is enjoying his status as a starter and is know getting sexed up by this super model Julie Henderson. Man its good to be king of cheese town. Let’s go five wide!

Cage Potato is doing there top 10 moments in UFC history. Great way to gear up for UFC 100.

UT linebacker Sergio Kindle drove his car into an apartment complex, ran away, and went to bed. – deadspin

Keeping it simple and awesome here is a video of a drunk chick hitting her head. – tasty booze

LSU fans are a wholesome bunch and like to make it a family affair. Including bringing there 4 year olds to drink. – total pro sports

JaMarcus Russell is a great leader. – the big lead

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top 5 rivalry games you should care about

Football season is creeping up on us faster then a Florida Gator running from the po-po’s so now is a great time to look at the top 5 rivalry games you should watch out for this season. Before we jump into it let’s set some guidelines for the list.

History Matters – One of the best things about college football is the rich deep tradition that it has. We care more about rivalries that have spawned tradition for and love the animosity that it brings.

Is the rivalry competitive - If it is less of a rivalry and more like John Matrix blowing heads off in Commando then its not a real rivalry. Take for example USC and Notre Dame. These two teams play every year but it has become such a lopsided rivalry we could care less. (okay, we always like seeing ND get worked but you know what i mean.)

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It’s here!!! Phil Steele CFB Preview 2009


College Football fans look forward to several days throughout the year.  The first game day, the big game vs. a rival, National Letter of Intent Day, Spring Game and the day the Phil Steele preview hits the shelves.  ”The Bible” as some have dubbed it is out in Northeast Ohio and I have a copy sitting next to me as I speak.  Want to know what Phil has to say about the upcoming 2009 season???

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Mack Brown loves Ohio State….


Texas HBC Mack Brown shows his true colors while visiting the troops overseas.  What is it with these Big 12 coaches and their allegiances???

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Vince Young with another meltdown

I love Vince Young. His stock took a meteoric rise when he was the National Championship. Was a top pick, media darling, king of the world! Then he went nuts, started taking his shirt off at clubs and needed a suicide watch. We all thought the worst was behind him. “All I’m doing this year is shutting up, shutting up and working. I’m going to smile, shut my mouth and continue being Vince Young, a happy, smiling guy.” Well that tune just changed yesterday

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DG – Volume 1

I am a college football nut.  A Bucknut to be exact.  I worship my Buckeyes, no matter how overrated or slow they are.  But if we can all agree the Big 10 has not been up to par the last few years, can we also all agree on the other truth in the room no one seems to be mentioning…wait for it…

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Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!

Recession? Struggling Economy? Those words mean little to the Big 12 conference who will distribute a record $130 million between its universities.

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