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five wide: Favre screws the vikings edition


Eliza! Why are you dating Rick Fox! I mean come on! It is Rick Fox! He looks like the guy with jerry curl in Coming to America! Oh well at least your show Dollhouse got picked up again so I can keep watching you on my 100 inch plasma…. Let’s go five wide.

Brett Favre stays retired. I think it was def the dorm rooms. – ESPN

Wanna know how much your college team made last year – School revenue

Shaq was on raw last night! I always wondered what he looked like next to the big show – friendsoftheprogram

top questions not asked at Big 12 media day – EDSBS

how to plan a party (NSFW bad language) – college humor

BONUS LINK!!! Thaaank you tastybooze.com for showing us this link of 317 different photos of drunk girls kissing. Seriously, thank you. You just made my night. By night i mean the last 5 minutes before I go to bed. (I share way too much)

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five wide

Samaire Armstrong was the hot geeky chick from the O.C. and recently Entourage. She is hot and knows how to hula hoop, need i say more? On to Five Wide!

Shaq lip syncing glory of love. (NESW sports)

Padres former #1 pick crying getting carried out by the po-po’s (thebiglead)

Aziz from human giant has a new viral video out called randy. def. NSFW (funnyordie)

ole miss getting a football show? (thegodfreyshow)

Martellus Bennett shows us the black olympics…yeah (sportscracklepop)

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The economy and the NBA: the rich get richer

This NBA off season has seen more shakeups, lopsided trades, and head scratching signings than we have seen in a long time. If you are wondering why the off season has been so volatile you only have to turn to the down economy for answers.

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five wide

I remember Brooke Burke being the host of all those E! shows and it looks like she still is one hot momma. Lets go five wide!

Did Steve Nash get rid of Shaq? – the big lead

Bruno dances for Conan – tasty booze

With Leather really dislikes Vijay Singh – with leather

Michael Jackson’s first moonwalk! – youtube

This guy made a remix of some of the most infamous press cronferences – youtube

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the snooze button – june 25, 2009

Do you believe in miracles??? ¬†Ok so maybe it wasn’t the 1980 Olympic hockey miracle, but bang The Snooze anyway!!!!!!

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Shaq coming soon. To Cleveland

Tonight on the eve of the NBA draft the Suns traded Shaquille O’Neal for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic.

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The Snooze Button – June, 15 2009

Did you stay up late to watch the Lakers bring home that 15th title??? Well, it’s Monday…a day we all hit the snooze button a few extra times so don’t feel bad about doing it….

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