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Pittsburgh Penguins: Stanley Cup Champions

We had a little scare this weekend here at EB.com. Our expert hockey correspondent, former Robert Morris standout Brian Panucci went MIA after the Penguins won the Stanley Cup. We were getting pretty worried but finally got a call from Panucci to bail him out of jail. I guess streaking down the streets of downtown Pittsburgh with your wang painted silver and calling it “Lord Stanley’s lil cup” and asking ladies to “drink from the cup” is illegal….

Don’t worry folks, we bailed him out, sobered him up and gave him plenty of fluids and now he is ready to deliver some expert analysis and give folks an idea of what this meant to the city of Pittsburgh. Take it away Panuch!

2009 is a very good year to be a Pittsburgh sports fan. I know this because the local news broadcast just announced that the new Stanley Cup champion Penguins would be using “the usual victory parade route”. That is the same route the Steelers used in February to celebrate their NFL leading 6th Super Bowl victory. While it may seem like I am bragging, I’m really just reminding myself that being a sports fan is not always an embarrassment of riches like this. Good thing I have friends in places like Cleveland, Phoenix, Orlando, and even Philadelphia to remind me via text message in case I were to forget. To fans of the black and vegas gold, this series was the greatest sequel since “Godfather 2″.

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What we learned this weekend

I never was really any good at math. All the counting and calculators just wasn’t my thing. Though, I think if she was teaching I could get a renewed interest.

We learned on Friday that Kobe is still the Black Mamba. The Lakers chose a good time to wake up and demolished the Denver Nuggets 119-92. This was Kobe’s best all round performance scoring 35 points and shelling out 10 assists. This marks a record setting 30th trip to the finals and L.A. will be looking for there 15th NBA title. Game 1 of the NBA finals starts Thursday night at 9ET on ABC.

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5 reasons to watch the Stanley Cup Finals

We have a special treat for you all today. Former Robert Morris University hockey super star Brian Panucci is joining us as a guest writer. Panucci is a hard core Penguins fan and can hardly contain himself since his squad is in the Stanley Cup finals so he was forced to put pen to paper. Take it away Panuch!

This as most of my ideas do, started as a text message then became an e-mail. I have been visiting Empty Backfield and saw a Nascar article then I figured maybe you could use a once annual NHL article.

Getting a college football crowd to watch hockey is basically like arguing to Chappelle Show’s Clayton Bigsby that Barack Obama is the right vote for President.

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