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Speed Kills….and So Do Turnovers

Last night the Oklahoma City Thunder laid waste to the Los Angeles Lakers winning 119-90. The one thing we are learning about the Thunder is that when Russell Westbrook is on his game, this team is nearly unstoppable. Westbrook put together his most complete game of the season scoring 27 on only 15 shots with 7 boards 9 assists, and only one turnover. For a team that has averaged close to 16 turnovers a game,  only turning the ball over 4 times was huge.

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Are we being too harsh on the king?

Everyone is quick to point the finger at Lebron James here and make him out to be the bad guy when in reality there are others who need to own up and take the blame.

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The economy and the NBA: the rich get richer

This NBA off season has seen more shakeups, lopsided trades, and head scratching signings than we have seen in a long time. If you are wondering why the off season has been so volatile you only have to turn to the down economy for answers.

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the snooze button – wednesday july 1, 2009

Don’t worry, you didn’t oversleep…it’s not FIVE WIDE time, thats just Anna Kournikova hitting The Snooze after her cat fight in Vegas. ¬†Bang The Snooze for all the details….

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dunleavy questions Sports guys credibility starts twitter war

So Bill Simmons isn’t exactly a fan of Clippers coach MIke Dunleavy. Okay, not being a fan is a understatement. So when Dunleavy was on the Colin Cowherd show and called Simmons a “joke writer” and had “no credibility” it must of hit a nerve with Simmons because he has been twittering about it all day. Here is what we got so far.

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five wide

Who is hotter Jessica Biel or Jessica Rabbit? How about Jessica Biel playing Jessica Rabbit! Consider your mind blown….time to go five wide!

When people think about the number “24″ they usually think about the hours in a day, or the TV show but in this case 24 stands for the amount of Gators arrested since 2005. – Orlando Sentinel

Have you ever wanted to learn how to shave points as an NBA official? well it is your lucky day because Tim Donaghy is getting out of jail soon and apparently writing a book. – get out of jail free card

Taylor Mays decided to stay at USC even being one of the premier safeties in college football which left me confused why he didn’t go pro. Now after watching him with the USC song birds I think i have a better understanding. – totalprosports

This has been circling the web today but a Chicago news reporter dunks on a little kid and makes him cry. what a jerk! WGN Bully

UCLA redshirt sophomore Chris Forcier is transferring too…Furman? Check out this press release his family sent out that looks more like 5,000 mile car check then a press release. – deadspin

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Five Wide

Today is the last day of E3 so I thought it only proper to have G4′s super sexy gaming lady Olivia Munn here dressed up as Street Fighters Chun-Li. You gotta love any outfit that shows cleavage and is not a skirt, but only a flap. Let’s go five wide!

As you know we love MMA here at EB and to get you pumped for the ginormous Faber/Brown fight here is a interview with the champ Mike Brown from CagePotato.

Thank god Conan is back and hosting The Tonight Show. Leno’s paper clipping jokes are tired and Fallon is so nervous he needs a valium. Last night Conan brought back something familiar and took a look into the future.

I am one of the people that completely buy into the NBA officiating conspiracy theory, and an academic study was done abotu the NBA ref’s but think there is a different kind of bias.

My hero the round mound of rebound Charles Barkley stopped by the Dan Patrick show and had a few things to say including his predictions for the NBA Finals. – DP Show

The boys at bustedcoverage have great videos of the SDSU undie run mixed to the music of Chariots of Fire! – SDSU undie run

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Five Wide

Sure watching the new Transformer movies is like having my childhood raped by spider monkey’s but it’s all worth it to see Megan Fox’s uncanny abitlity to uh, act….Let’s go five wide!

11 points give us the worst tattoos in the NBA

The bride said “E-lope”, not “lop off” you knucklehead

If you’re anything like me you can’t get enough of Stephen Colbert. Here is a nice piece on Colbert and how he feels about conservatives not being in on the joke.

College humor does it again with this quality video called “kiss the girl”

Johnny Depp owns his own F’ing island! F that A-hole!

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What we learned this weekend

I never was really any good at math. All the counting and calculators just wasn’t my thing. Though, I think if she was teaching I could get a renewed interest.

We learned on Friday that Kobe is still the Black Mamba. The Lakers chose a good time to wake up and demolished the Denver Nuggets 119-92. This was Kobe’s best all round performance scoring 35 points and shelling out 10 assists. This marks a record setting 30th trip to the finals and L.A. will be looking for there 15th NBA title. Game 1 of the NBA finals starts Thursday night at 9ET on ABC.

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King James dominates

Lebron James is the best basketball player on the planet period. Forget about Kobe, D-Wade, or any other pretenders to the throne. Lebron James is king. The Magic made a huge comeback after getting decimated in the first quarter but the King just wouldn’t give up the series, not just yet.

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