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five wide


This is Herika Noronha. She is my girlfriend…….okay, that is a lie. Let’s go five wide!

Mir wants to KILL Lesnar – Cage writer

Real funny stuff with Nick Kroll. – ed hardy boyz 2

Ole Miss thinking about a sweet new mascot – friends of the program

Rich Rod is on the hot seat at Michigan – with leather

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top 5 rivalry games you should care about

Football season is creeping up on us faster then a Florida Gator running from the po-po’s so now is a great time to look at the top 5 rivalry games you should watch out for this season. Before we jump into it let’s set some guidelines for the list.

History Matters – One of the best things about college football is the rich deep tradition that it has. We care more about rivalries that have spawned tradition for and love the animosity that it brings.

Is the rivalry competitive - If it is less of a rivalry and more like John Matrix blowing heads off in Commando then its not a real rivalry. Take for example USC and Notre Dame. These two teams play every year but it has become such a lopsided rivalry we could care less. (okay, we always like seeing ND get worked but you know what i mean.)

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Apparently Toledo and App. State were unavailable…


While browsing CFB message boards and websites on this glorious Friday afternoon I came across a puzzling story.  EmptyBackfield has learned that Michigan had approached Minnesota about playing a NON CONFERENCE game in that hole known as Ann Arbor in 2010.  Minnesota respectfully declined citing that it was already playing USC.  The two teams take a 2 year break from each other thanks to Big Ten scheduling starting with this season.  I find it funny that UM would approach a team that RichRod actually managed to beat in his first season in Ann Arbor.  I am all for teams upping their non conferences schedules but in this case I think Meeeeechigan was just worried about losing to another cupcake.  For more on the story click here….

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Ryan Mallett hurts his ittie bittie finger

Oh oh! Arkansas Quarterback Ryan Mallett has hurt a finger on this throwing hand.

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Michigan adds two powerhouses to their schedule. (okay, not really)

The Ann Arbor News is reporting that The University of Michigan has filled two spots on their 2010 schedule hosting Bowling Green and UMass in back to back weekends.

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