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five wide

I remember Brooke Burke being the host of all those E! shows and it looks like she still is one hot momma. Lets go five wide!

Did Steve Nash get rid of Shaq? – the big lead

Bruno dances for Conan – tasty booze

With Leather really dislikes Vijay Singh – with leather

Michael Jackson’s first moonwalk! – youtube

This guy made a remix of some of the most infamous press cronferences – youtube

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I remember when I was just a young kid watching my first music video ever and it scared the bejeezus out of me. There were zombies, werewolves, and some crazy scary as hell eyes in the last seconds. Of course it was Michael Jackson’s Thriller and that video was like nothing the world had ever seen and changed the way we all looked at music videos. I grew up watching the best of MJ from Thriller, moonwalker, Captain EO, Bad, and many others. Unfortunately I also saw the worst from MJ with the sexual allegations and all the plastic surgery which made him seem less and less like Mike. But on the day of finding out about the king of pops passing all that comes to mind is the fantastic music and entertainment he brought to the world and for that I am extremely grateful. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

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