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The economy and the NBA: the rich get richer

This NBA off season has seen more shakeups, lopsided trades, and head scratching signings than we have seen in a long time. If you are wondering why the off season has been so volatile you only have to turn to the down economy for answers.

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What we learned this weekend

I never was really any good at math. All the counting and calculators just wasn’t my thing. Though, I think if she was teaching I could get a renewed interest.

We learned on Friday that Kobe is still the Black Mamba. The Lakers chose a good time to wake up and demolished the Denver Nuggets 119-92. This was Kobe’s best all round performance scoring 35 points and shelling out 10 assists. This marks a record setting 30th trip to the finals and L.A. will be looking for there 15th NBA title. Game 1 of the NBA finals starts Thursday night at 9ET on ABC.

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The Snooze Button- Monday June 1, 2009



New feature on EmptyBackfield….THE SNOOZE BUTTON.  Expect it by 10am EST on week days, because if you are hitting the Snooze much later than that you probably should just turn the damn thing off. 

Another weekend has come and gone and here is what went down.  You know you want to, hit the snooze button…..

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One down, one to go…

Much to the chagrin of David Stern, Nike, Jim Henson and the basketball world outside of Orlando. The King with his 11 bubbling jesters, and a depressed city have been relegated to a fishing boat.  Memo to Danny Ferry, get Bron Bron a dynamic Robin ASAP or he is going to be saving Gotham for real in 2010.  Bring on Kobe and GO MAGIC!

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King James dominates

Lebron James is the best basketball player on the planet period. Forget about Kobe, D-Wade, or any other pretenders to the throne. Lebron James is king. The Magic made a huge comeback after getting decimated in the first quarter but the King just wouldn’t give up the series, not just yet.

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DG – Volume II

I know it’s been a couple of days.  I promised a DG running diary live from game 3 as I scored some great seats.  Then I promised a combo report on games 3 and 4.  Well, after getting the pulse of Orlando, the pulse of Cleveland courtesy of our bitter Nascar loving Clevelandite and the pulse of the rest of America, here is what I came up with…

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Five Wide

Marisa Miller topless is always enough to lead off five wide. It’s been a slow news day but we will never leave you hangin. Time to go five wide!

You know that creepy dude in the gold cowboy hat on the sidelines of last nights Magic game? Well today we get to learn how he gets court side seats for games. Deadspin

Are you wondering who has the most scandalous off season in college football? well never fear! EDSBS has updated the Fulmer Cup!

Nic Cage playing a crooked crack smoking cop? Count me in! Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

This guy is flipping off building doing flips and crap. Pretty amazing video

banished tiny toons show where they get drunk and steal a car. Need i say more? Tiny Toons

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I am a Cleveland fan??

If you TIVO’d the Cavs-Magic game 4 last night and don’t know how it ended now is a good time to probably stop reading this column…..

Let me set the record straight.  I AM NOT a diehard long suffering Cleveland fan.  I have not spent the better part of my 27 years living and dying with the Orange and Brown.  I rooted against the Indians in the 95 and 97 World Series.  I could have cared less about the NBA until about 3 years ago when I lived in a city(Phoenix) that had a team.   However, after last nights loss the Cavaliers are on the verge of being eliminated by the Orlando Magic and for the first time in my life I am understanding what its like to be a Cleveland sports fan.

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What we learned this weekend

I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. Mine consisted of several pool parties/get togethers and now I’m nursing a minor sun burn. Personally, I learned that all the sun screen in the world cannot protect my Jewish skin. Enough about me though, here is what we all learned from this weekend of sports.

Not even a sour tummy can stop Melo and the Nuggets. The nuggets proved once again that they are not going to lose this series without a fight.

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The shot: Lebron makes the world witness

With one second left in the game and down by two the Cav’s were finished, but I guess someone forgot to tell The King. Lebron hit a fade away three which was ironically 23 feet away to win the game and tie up the series 1-1. It was amazing, unbelievable, astonishing, and every other adjective you can think of. This is one of those shots that will be etched in the memories of sports fans for years to come. Similar to the game winner a guy named Michael Jordan hit against Craig Ehlo to win the first round series against the Cavaliers in game 5 of the the Eastern Conference Finals. So sit back, be amazed, and WITNESS.

Lebron’s game winner

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