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dunleavy questions Sports guys credibility starts twitter war

So Bill Simmons isn’t exactly a fan of Clippers coach MIke Dunleavy. Okay, not being a fan is a understatement. So when Dunleavy was on the Colin Cowherd show and called Simmons a “joke writer” and had “no credibility” it must of hit a nerve with Simmons because he has been twittering about it all day. Here is what we got so far.

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One down, one to go…

Much to the chagrin of David Stern, Nike, Jim Henson and the basketball world outside of Orlando. The King with his 11 bubbling jesters, and a depressed city have been relegated to a fishing boat.  Memo to Danny Ferry, get Bron Bron a dynamic Robin ASAP or he is going to be saving Gotham for real in 2010.  Bring on Kobe and GO MAGIC!

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What we learned this weekend

I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. Mine consisted of several pool parties/get togethers and now I’m nursing a minor sun burn. Personally, I learned that all the sun screen in the world cannot protect my Jewish skin. Enough about me though, here is what we all learned from this weekend of sports.

Not even a sour tummy can stop Melo and the Nuggets. The nuggets proved once again that they are not going to lose this series without a fight.

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Melo & Co. even series 1-1

The boys in baby blue got a W in LA last night 106-103 knotting up the series 1-1 heading back to Denver.

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