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Meh, I guess killing people isn’t that much of a biggie

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter and will serve a whopping 30 days in jail……yeah that is not a typo.

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the snooze button – june 5, 2009


Friday’s is finally here!!!!  No, we are not going to make you re-watch game 1 of the Finals, just bang the jam packed SNOOZE BUTTON for all yesterdays news….

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What we learned this weekend

I never was really any good at math. All the counting and calculators just wasn’t my thing. Though, I think if she was teaching I could get a renewed interest.

We learned on Friday that Kobe is still the Black Mamba. The Lakers chose a good time to wake up and demolished the Denver Nuggets 119-92. This was Kobe’s best all round performance scoring 35 points and shelling out 10 assists. This marks a record setting 30th trip to the finals and L.A. will be looking for there 15th NBA title. Game 1 of the NBA finals starts Thursday night at 9ET on ABC.

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One down, one to go…

Much to the chagrin of David Stern, Nike, Jim Henson and the basketball world outside of Orlando. The King with his 11 bubbling jesters, and a depressed city have been relegated to a fishing boat.  Memo to Danny Ferry, get Bron Bron a dynamic Robin ASAP or he is going to be saving Gotham for real in 2010.  Bring on Kobe and GO MAGIC!

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Melo & Co. even series 1-1

The boys in baby blue got a W in LA last night 106-103 knotting up the series 1-1 heading back to Denver.

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