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Excessive Football Celebration


There is something to be said for celebration.  It’s a way to express emotion.  To mark an achievement.  To announce to society that you have something that your proud of. But, when it comes to NFL Football, things are getting out of hand.  Between the excessive end zone buffoonery and the even more ridiculous fights, NFL football is becoming a little less entertaining to watch.  When we see players obviously stomping on opposing team members, that’s just disrespectful.  To your sport, your team, your fans, your fellow players and yourself.  Maybe, pro athletes should command a little less attention, fame, and money.  Maybe then they would recognize how lucky they really are to have made it to the pros.

Although, we might miss highlight reels like this in the future…

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EB.com on Overtime with Brian and friends

What happens when you get two former Orlando Magic Employees and have them on a podcast? Well, in one word Magic (pun intended).

I make my first ever podcast appearance on Overtime with Brian and friends. We cover lots of Arizona sports, the BCS, NFL, and maybe a little tiger woods. check it out here.

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if it’s in the game is it in the game? NCAA football ’10 review

Oh yes, she is definitely in the game

Oh yes, she is definitely in the game

It’s that time of the year again. Time to head to your local electronics store and pick up NCAA and right all the wrongs from last years football season. Unfortunately next gen college football has not been too kind to us. On Xbox and PS2 NCAA football was a wildly fun romp that played differently from madden and in many ways was more fun. Next gen systems though NCAA have struggled with poor graphics, fluctuating frame rates, and plenty of bugs.

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five wide

Samaire Armstrong was the hot geeky chick from the O.C. and recently Entourage. She is hot and knows how to hula hoop, need i say more? On to Five Wide!

Shaq lip syncing glory of love. (NESW sports)

Padres former #1 pick crying getting carried out by the po-po’s (thebiglead)

Aziz from human giant has a new viral video out called randy. def. NSFW (funnyordie)

ole miss getting a football show? (thegodfreyshow)

Martellus Bennett shows us the black olympics…yeah (sportscracklepop)

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Five Wide

Mirella Grisales draped in lingerie should help you get over any hard feelings you may have towards your teams draft picks tonight. Time to go five wide!

USC football is the mother of all economic stimulus packages – USC poops money

Ohio high school coaches like the nice and young. – busted coverage

with the NBA Draft on right now here is a chance to see the ultimate NBA player!

This two year old smokes a pack of heaters a day. Ironically cancer runs in his family.

official lightsabers for wii!!! – gizmodo

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Ryan Mallett hurts his ittie bittie finger

Oh oh! Arkansas Quarterback Ryan Mallett has hurt a finger on this throwing hand.

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Sporting News reports: Tebow is still god

Sporting News listed there top 25 college football players this year and sitting pretty atop the list is Timothy “you will love me or fear me” Tebow. Did your favorite player land on the list? Check out the top 25 after the jump.

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Shocker…Lane Kiffin is making news


It just wouldn’t be a normal morning if Lane Kiffin and the Tennesse Volunteers were not making headlines and this morning is no different.  GoVolsXtra.com is reporting that Kiffin and the Vols strength and conditioning coach Mark Smith are at odds and Smith may not be with the team when summer conditioning begins in June.  The issue between the two has not been made public.  I am on record as saying the Vols needed to get new blood and life into the program, but this constant everyday issues Lane Kiffin seems to have with virtually everyone is starting to make Al Davis look sane.

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ARRGH!! Robert Marve is a Boilermaker!

Former Miami Quarterback Robert Marve chose Purdue instead of walking on at Tennessee today. Last year Marve threw nine touchdowns and thirteen interceptions which is a TD/INT ratio that makes only Brett Favre jealous.

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Football at Yankee stadium?

Chunky Charlie is at it again. According to ESPN Notre Dame is in talks to play the first game of football at the old Yankee stadium. Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbick told the New York Times “we have been in contact with Yankee Stadium and asked and inquired.

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