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Excessive Football Celebration


There is something to be said for celebration.  It’s a way to express emotion.  To mark an achievement.  To announce to society that you have something that your proud of. But, when it comes to NFL Football, things are getting out of hand.  Between the excessive end zone buffoonery and the even more ridiculous fights, NFL football is becoming a little less entertaining to watch.  When we see players obviously stomping on opposing team members, that’s just disrespectful.  To your sport, your team, your fans, your fellow players and yourself.  Maybe, pro athletes should command a little less attention, fame, and money.  Maybe then they would recognize how lucky they really are to have made it to the pros.

Although, we might miss highlight reels like this in the future…

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EB.com on Overtime with Brian and friends

What happens when you get two former Orlando Magic Employees and have them on a podcast? Well, in one word Magic (pun intended).

I make my first ever podcast appearance on Overtime with Brian and friends. We cover lots of Arizona sports, the BCS, NFL, and maybe a little tiger woods. check it out here.

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Notre Dame to play important games this season…



I came across this list from NBC Sports today that lists the top 20 “most important” games for the 2009 CFB season.  They found a way to include TWO Notre Dame games.  Can someone remind NBC that ND has not played a meaningful game since 2005??  Check back today for the EmptyBackfield list for the top games/rivalries that will have an impact on the 2009 season.

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