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Breaking News: Sanchez uses blue steel to get contract

Mark Sanchez has agreed to terms with the New York Jets according to Sal Paolantonio of espn.com.

Sanchez signed a 5 year deal with $28 million in guarantees. Sanchez the form USC QB was the 5th pick in this years NFL draft.  

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Vince Young with another meltdown

I love Vince Young. His stock took a meteoric rise when he was the National Championship. Was a top pick, media darling, king of the world! Then he went nuts, started taking his shirt off at clubs and needed a suicide watch. We all thought the worst was behind him. “All I’m doing this year is shutting up, shutting up and working. I’m going to smile, shut my mouth and continue being Vince Young, a happy, smiling guy.” Well that tune just changed yesterday

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R.I.P. Blake Griffin

Yeah, that is Blake in drag. It looks like he is taking the news pretty bad.

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