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Utah Makes it PAC 12

PAC 10 couldn’t land Texas but they got there consolation prize. Utah has decided to leave the Mountain West Conference and try its hand at a BCS conference in the PAC 10.

In its last 10 meetings against the PAC 10 UTAH is 7-3 and will have a natural geographical rivalry with Colorado so this seems like a good fit.

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Coaches poll is out. Guess who is on top?

Coaches preseason poll came out today and the Defending champs are sitting pretty at number one. After Florida you have the usual suspects with 2) Texas, 3) Oklahoma, 4) USC. Where did your team fall? hit the jump and see the entire top 25.

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40 days…..

Thats all thats left my friends.  40 more days until College Football returns.  Even though it really starts Thursday, September 3rd, the first glorious drunken football Saturday is just 40 days away.

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How many National Championships does your team really have?

My Biggest pet peeve in college football other then the current BCS system has to be schools claiming national championships that are really illegitimate (I’m looking at you Pitt and Alabama). People always ask me “well then which titles are legit and which ones aren’t?” Here is an article that answers the question. Although I don’t think this is perfect, the guys at fanblogs.com put together a real nice article last year going through schools and figuring out which titles are legit and which ones aren’t. Hit the jump to see where your school lands.
How many titles does your team really have?

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Don’t talk trash on Florida or you might make the big board

This is a message to all those SEC teams out there who want to talk smack on Tebow and the boys. If you do open your mouth you will make the Florida bulletin board! It looks like Les Miles and Bobby Bowden have learned there lesson since they have no material posted yet. But that Lane and Mark! They already have multiple pieces of material on the board! don’t they know that Tebow will rain touchdowns upon them while Urban laughs from the sidelines!

Okay, I can’t keep the facade up. The board is pretty ridiculous but I guess when you have won 2 championships in the last 3 years that you need something to motivate your guys. Personally if I was a player/coach and knew about this board I would do everything and anything to get on there.


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The Snooze Button – Wednesday June 17, 2009


If you are still hitting the Snooze at this point just call your boss and tell him(or her) that you are not coming in.  Anyhow, mid afternoon Snooze Button today so hit it and find out whats going down….

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the snooze button – tuesday june 16, 2009




With the NBA and NHL done and MLB only having two games the Snooze is smaller than normal…bang it anyway……

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Five Wide: Saved by the bell Edition

Last night something magical happened on TV. Last night on Jimmy Fallon The one and only Zack Morris made his triumphant return! There was talk of the Malibu Sands, calls made on giant Cell phones, and one of the greatest bands ever Zack Attack performed. – Zack is back!

Ocho Cinci and Carson Palmer are like Brokeback Mountain? – totalprosports

Texas has a pretty good QB in Colt McCoy and since we will have to hear his name at nauseum this year EDSBS has been nice enough to give us some alternate names.

Matt Leinarts new plan? Beat the hell out of Kurt Warner

Maybe Cal Berkeley should actually oh i dunno win some games before charging fans PSl’s – thebiglead

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Tyler Gabbert Commited to husk some corn

Four star quarterback recruit Tyler Gabbert has committed to The University of Nebraska, choosing not to follow in his brothers foot steps Blaine who is taking over for fat head Chase Daniels at Missouri. “It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up,” Gabbert said Friday afternoon. “I had Nebraska at the top before the visit so this was almost a reassurance thing. I’m just glad everything worked out the way it did.”

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An ode to the not so Fightin’ Irish…

I love College Football!  Nothing beats a fall Saturday filled with grilled meats, iced drinks, scantily clad co-eds and fascinating football games spread over 12 hours.  I love watching two powerhouse programs go at it for 60 minutes in front of 100,000 screaming fans.  Besides my hatred for the Maize and Blue pansies from Ann Arbor, there really is only one thing I find confusing and completely wrong with college football…wait for it…the obsession this country has for the Notre Lame Fightin Irish!

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