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the snooze button – june 30, 2009

Ok, so I hit the Snooze a few too many times this morning.  Anyhow, check out the whats going on in sports this morning…..BANG IT!!!!!

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2009 College Football Coaching Changes That Matter

In EmptyBackfield’s on going attempt to preview the 2009 season, today we are going to learn about the new Head Ball Coach’s(HBC) at some of the major programs in College Football.  It seems every season almost some part of every program’s fan base is screaming for a coaching change.  “Their” coach has no idea what he is doing, can’t call plays and never blitzes at the right time.   However, what most people fail to realize it is not a walk in the park to fire the old head coach(which these days brings a 7 figure buyout) and bring in that “new snazzy offensive coordinator” who has ZERO head coaching experience.  Well with that being said here are the SEVEN coaching changes that will ACUTALLY matter during the 2009 season and beyond in college football. 

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Apparently opposing a CFB playoff is a lucrative business

Thanks to The Omaha-World Herald (Beckers favorite) for passing along the BCS conference’s revenue-sharing figures….remember, these are amateur athletes.  Suck it SEC!!!!!

1. Big Ten — $154.2 million
2. ACC — $137.6 million
3. SEC — $135 million
4. Big 12 — $103.1 million
5. Pac-10 $80.1 million
6. Big East $77.6 million

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DG – Volume 1

I am a college football nut.  A Bucknut to be exact.  I worship my Buckeyes, no matter how overrated or slow they are.  But if we can all agree the Big 10 has not been up to par the last few years, can we also all agree on the other truth in the room no one seems to be mentioning…wait for it…

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Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!

Recession? Struggling Economy? Those words mean little to the Big 12 conference who will distribute a record $130 million between its universities.

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