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BCS predictions

The college football season is coming to an end. As a New Years gift from EB to you we have our last minute BCS picks to help you get in the holiday betting spirit.

ROSE – THE Ohio State U 31 Oregon 26 – I will be in attendance for an EB blog post to kickoff 2010 – I know Oregon will score points, but I figure they will get 4 FG’s in the red zone and the Bucks will get off the losing schnide behind a big day from the underrated 3 headed monster of Boom Herron, Zoom Saine and The Phenom – that’s right, I am breaking off nicknames and I am a HOMER!  Plus, Cam “Lil’ Ironhead” Heyward and the uber-talented OSU D-Line will dominate Oregon’s running game – I am also predicting Thad Gibson, aka Alpha Junk yard Dog of OSU, will coldcock knockout LaGarrette Blount after the game…

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EB.com on Overtime with Brian and friends

What happens when you get two former Orlando Magic Employees and have them on a podcast? Well, in one word Magic (pun intended).

I make my first ever podcast appearance on Overtime with Brian and friends. We cover lots of Arizona sports, the BCS, NFL, and maybe a little tiger woods. check it out here.

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You want playoffs….you might get old bowl tie in’s

Check out this interview with new BCS Chief Harvey Perlman. Among other topics, he “threatens” if Congress rules against having BCS in college football they will look to return to old bowl tie in’s.  Jim Delany has to be ecstatic to hear that….

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the snooze button – june 18, 2009



Follow the pup’s advice bang the Snooze for your morning links….

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ahhh yes, another cfb playoff proposal….



In case you were interested the Moutain West Conference is still a bit pissed that 12-0 Utah was left out of the national title picture last season.  So much so, that they are submitting another proposal that would determine a “BCS Conference” based on the number of games it plays vs. other BCS Conferences and how many games said conference wins.  Sound confusing, check it out

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DG – Volume 1

I am a college football nut.  A Bucknut to be exact.  I worship my Buckeyes, no matter how overrated or slow they are.  But if we can all agree the Big 10 has not been up to par the last few years, can we also all agree on the other truth in the room no one seems to be mentioning…wait for it…

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