Are we being too harsh on the king?

Everyone is quick to point the finger at Lebron James here and make him out to be the bad guy when in reality there are others who need to own up and take the blame.

The Cavaliers had seven years to build around the best player in basketball, the best player since MJ. What did they do? They started off by bringing in Larry Hughes for 5 years, $70 million along with aging players like Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones. There contracts added up to over $100 million dollars for aging journey men. Not exactly the way to build around a young budding super star. The Cavaliers should of let Lebron play with what they had, cleared cap space, horded draft picks and built around the king. Instead the Cavaliers got desperate and made terrible moves to “win now” which backfired. The Cavaliers team is so old that in Lebron James rookie year he was the youngest starter on the team. Fast Forward to last years team and he was STILL the youngest starter on the team.

Looking at the team today they have over $50 million in older role players and do not have the cap room to get another bonafide superstar. They had a chance to get Amare but went the less costly route and ended up with Antwan Jamison who ended up being a huge flop.

Dan Gilbert needs to step up and take ownership of the problems Cleveland have and that King James left. My friend said it best when he compared Lebron to Barry Sanders. An all time great stuck on a terrible team, with a terrible front office and no chance of winning a title. If Gilbert and his team would of done there job Lebron would still be in Cleveland.

If Lebron wanted a ring he had to leave, he had no choice. He chose less money and to swallow his pride to surround himself by other superstars and be part of a team. Not a one man circus ala the Cavaliers. In Miami James has something he never had a chance to do in Cleveland and that is win a championship. Gilbert feels betrayed but Lebron gave Cleveland seven years and brought in more money for that team in 7 years then they had seen in 2 decades. He made basketball relevant in Ohio. That has to count for something right?

Speaking of Ohio, can you blame the guy for wanting to leave? Who wants to live in Cleveland? It is a dirty, old, poor, cold city. He could live there, or he can play with superstars in MIAMI. You know Miami right? Will Smith wrote a song about it. It is Sunny, Warm, beaches, bars, and babes. You tell which city you would pick if you’re a 25 yr old superstar.

Could Lebron have handled the situation better? Yes and no. People think he “drew out the decision” but in reality he didn’t. This is the biggest decision in his career thus far and he made the decision on the very first day he could sign with a team. Not a week, not a month later but the very first day. I think its unreasonable to ask for much more.

Was the show a little much? Yeah, it was. Lebron was talking in the 3rd person and it dragged on but lets not put it all on Lebron. You don’t think ESPN helped put him up to this show? it was the highest ranked show they have had since Monday Night Football. ESPN was in his ear the entire time. ESPN isn’t the only media outlet to blame. Every media outlet covered this story and made it the circus it was. “a tweet from sources tells us Lebron….” i mean give me a break. The media made this circus and we were all lining up to get our popcorn and watch the spectacle. From high school the media and fans have been telling Lebron that he is “the king” and we are all “witnesses”. How could this guy not have an ego the size of Texas?

Now its time to wag the finger at  David Stern who has a infrastructure in his league where something like this could take place. This would never happen in the NFL because they have a proper labor agreement that doesn’t allow things like this to happen. This current labor agreement that the NBA has is garbage and has so many loop holes that it gives players way too much power and leaves teams in the cold. You feel bad for Cleveland? Feel bad for Toronto! They had to sit around and watch Bosh tweet about leaving the Raptors for months. Now a team that could barely muster a win has lost there best player and nothing to show for it. So long for basketball in Canada Eh?

Agree with me or not, this upcoming season will be the most highly anticipated season the NBA has seen since Jordan in his prime. The Miami Heat have built the first super team and we will all be “witnesses.

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