Vols/Gators: “Time to get nasty”

It’s been a long time folks. We apologize for closing shop for about a month but we are back in a big way. We are going to be live blogging through the UF/UT game and give you all the juicy details of what a fan goes through during a rivalry game. This week we are Following BT AKA “Frosty.” Hit the jump and get ready “To get nasty”. (WARNING: there are many bad words in this blog. Read at your own risk)

12:21 – BT is already 5 beers deep and said in all seriousness “If I could pay someone to go Nancy Kerrigan on Tebow’s ass and not get caught I would. Normally I wouldn’t wish injury on a person, but Tebow is Tebow and I want to bust up his knee.”

12:29 – while Tebow walks out “Fuck you! Fuck you! break that faggot asses knee!!”

BT “I dont know if i want Crompton to get knocked the fuck out? Is it bad that I want my starting QB to get hurt?”
Ut out the gate

BT “old man river is a douche! I hope he has a stroke at midfield!” man this is getting good and it hasnt even started?

12:39 – Florida takes the kickoff runs for about 50 and gets a vol face mask penalty. Starting the game on the Vols 30. BT is screaming he is gonna murder someone.

12:40 – UF goes for it 4th and 2 and gets it. Urban smells blood and is going for it. Same up the middle run that killed the Sooners. Fuck Tebow! (god, now im sounding like BT)

12:50 – BT “Crompton you stupid mother fucker! look at your other receivers!!! FUUUUCK!”

12:54 – BT – “i don’t put stock in first drives but if we score a TD i’m going ape shit!”

Now i’m hearing stories about how terrible the sunshine deck in the Florida stadium is and like classic BT getting a football stadium history lesson.

kind of ironic, the Ut kickers name is Lincoln and BT says “fuck u Lincoln! if u miss this kick i’m sending u death threats!”

1:07 – they show a Florida cheer leader on TV and BT says “I hope that cunt gets skull fucked tonight!”

1:11 – so there is a guy holding a empty promises sign in the stadium and BT just rambles on for a solid 3 minutes about how only a fag makes a sign like that and if he was sitting behind him he would of knocked him down and curb stomped him. On the other hand my Sooners are trying to give there game away to Tulsa. Now i am freaking!

1:21 – after seeing Tebow’s typcial screaming speech and Tebow then plowing over THREE Vols for a TD all BT can say is “I want you to die Tebow. DIE.”

1:24 – “The fact that Tebows dick hasn’t fallen off from fucking so many gator skanks is what makes Tebow a homo. Fuck that faggot.”

1:35 – Eric Berry pick!!! BT is running around the house/skipping hitting walls followed by “I don’t think any man has had a man crush on a man like i have a man crush on Eric Berry.”

1:44 – There is a girl over here that just said “why is it that when i say fuck me in the goat ass people look at me weird? BT reassures her by saying “oh don’t worry, you will NEVER be looked at funny for saying that here.”

I am happy that the Vols are keeping it tight. BT is still screaming and having a good time and there is a sense of hope. It would of been zero fun if it was just a slaughter from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, I think the blow out is coming, just that the shoe has not dropped yet.

Gotta admit, Eric Berry is a beast. He is making tackles, squashing tebow, picking the ball off. He is good. BT proclaimed “That is why i want to have his baby!”

2:00 – Halftime of the game. Be back in a few!

2:24 – And were back! Tennessee has kept it close. BT thinks this is where the rout starts.

2:27 – score is 16-6 after another Florida FG. Gotta give the Vols credit, there holding them to FG and giving there offense a chance. Too bad Crompton is an inbred hick who couldn’t lead an offense to save his life. Put the ginger in lane!

2:32 – 3rd & 21 and BT says “and this is the time I slice my wrists.” UT runs the ball 2nd and 3rd down with over 20 yds to go and BT is losing it. He can’t believe the poor play calling and is wondering why he subjects himself to such punishment. Odie wonders “why did they just run it on 3rd!?” and BT can only say “welcome to my life….”

2:40 – BT is laying on the couch head back, staring at the ceiling for 5 minutes. Then he pops up and rattles off “I hope Tebow is found dead from a cocaine overdose tonight. That or he is found fucking a dude in the ass.”

BT is pulling out the hard liquor now. This is after about 10-12 beers. The end is nigh!

BT – “I love crown. It’s my best friend. It makes me feel like royalty”

2:47 – BT – “I hope that faggot Tebow dies of cancer! Fuck you Tebow! I will shiv you in the face!”

“You know how Tebow does those prison visits? How many cartons of cigarettes would I have to pay an inmate to file down a toothbrush and shiv that mother fucker? how many shiv’s would it take to kill that asshole.”

3:01 – BT – “I’m gonna black out in an hour

3:10 – “I want to gang rape Urban Meyers daughter!”

Now were getting Vol stories. “So im at the gas station and i see a little black kid wearing a UT jersey. And it turned out to be Albert Haynesworth little brother!!! So i took a pic with him and its awesome!!! This was way back when they had real cameras and not this digital camera bullshit.”

3:31 – game is over BT is losing his shit. He is right in front of the TV pointing at Crompton saying “fuck you Crompton! fuck you you fucking inbred hick! your a failure as a QB and a failure as a person. I hope you don’t get a degree and you fucking die a loser you fucking bitch!”

well the game is over and the dust has settled. UT played admirably but Florida was well, Florida. Can anyone and i mean anyone stop the 4 yd Tebow sneak!?!?! It drives me fucking nuts! But thanks for reading and following us today. I will leave you with this.
UT/UF final

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