dunleavy questions Sports guys credibility starts twitter war

So Bill Simmons isn’t exactly a fan of Clippers coach MIke Dunleavy. Okay, not being a fan is a understatement. So when Dunleavy was on the Colin Cowherd show and called Simmons a “joke writer” and had “no credibility” it must of hit a nerve with Simmons because he has been twittering about it all day. Here is what we got so far.

sportsguy33On Cowherd’s show, Dunleavy just called me a “joke writer” & said I had “no credibility.” Pot, I’d like you to meet kettle!

sportsguy33Here’s a joke: “What do you call an NBA coach who’s 194-298 with the Clips?” A: “Still employed!!!” Now that’s a funny joke.

sportsguy331 more joke: Q: “What do you call a coach who decimated 40% of his team’s season ticket holders base?” A: “Mike Dunleavy.”

sportsguy33Ok, 1 more: Q: “What do you get when you cross cheap suits, booing, 35-point losses + players mailing it in?” A: The Mike Dunleavy Era.

sportsguy33Mike Dunleavy saying someone has no credibility is like Michael Richards calling someone a racist.

sportsguy33I’m so on fire with Dunleavy jokes that Dunleavy just brought in an ice-cold Daniel Ewing off the bench to slow me down.

sportsguy33And now, a few excerpts from Mike Dunleavy’s upcoming coffee table photo book, “How The Hell Do I Still Have a Job?”

sportsguy33“I look like this a lot. I’ll be honest: It freaks out the players.” http://tinyurl.com/nrmtq7

sportsguy33“After bad calls, I look like I’m trying to pass out a kidney stone. Again, it’s important to scare your players.” http://tinyurl.com/n6ga87

sportsguy33“The end of a typical exchange between me & Baron Davis.” Jon & Kate have better body language than us.http://tinyurl.com/lkr6vt

sportsguy33“Here’s me waiting for Elgin to turn around so I could plunge a knife into his back.”http://tinyurl.com/km3elm

sportsguy33“My players were disappointed when this collision didn’t put me in the hospital.”http://tinyurl.com/mm5jr7

sportsguy33“Even the refs can’t believe I still have a job.”http://tinyurl.com/m4e7ym

sportsguy33“A typical scene from last season: One of my players passing me without making eye contact.”http://tinyurl.com/mbu6mb

sportsguy33“Here’s my doing my thing in the huddle. Notice that nobody is looking at me. Hey, I’m only the coach.”http://tinyurl.com/msfy9r

sportsguy33“I bought this suit online for 75% off from a website based in Hungary. Good purchase.”http://tinyurl.com/luy9w9

sportsguy33“One of my favorite sports coats. I bought it from Vanilla Ice during an estate sale.”http://tinyurl.com/mnsmbs

sportsguy33“If you wondered how I can be 194-298 with the Clippers and still have a job, here’s your answer.”http://tinyurl.com/lsz23u

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