Five Wide

I want to apologize for not getting five wide up every day last week. I had a lot of stuff going on and was getting the emptybackfield t-shirts done and made which look sweet by the way. (free t-shirt contest coming soon) To show how truly sorry I am here is a pic of Emily Scott in a bikini I hope all is forgiven…Let’s go five wide!

the guys at deadspin have video of Artie Lang on Joe Buck’s new show which aired last night on HBO. It was hilarious to see Joe’s reaction to Artie but what did he expect? – deadspin

Some USC fans doing a Pete Carroll tribute to “Sweet Caroline” – EDSBS

sweetest beer bong EVER – withleather

Weird Al is at it again, this time with a song called “Craigs List”. here is the video.

Scott Van Pelt and Tiger Woods being pretty hilarious. – sports crackle pop

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