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First rule of SEC is, you do not talk about SEC.

Reports are coming out that the SEC is going to try to stop its fans from posting messages, pics, and whatever the hell else you do on those sites during college football games in its stadiums.  Good luck on enforcing that.

Maybe this is just the SEC’s way of limiting negative things said about Tim Tebow?  What if I promise only to post pro-SEC updates?  E.g., “Usain Bolt has speed, but he doesn’t have SEC speed.

Earlier this month, the conference informed its schools of the new policy, which reads: “Ticketed fans can’t “produce or disseminate (or aid in producing or disseminating) any material or information about the Event, including, but not limited to, any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or other information concerning the Event.”

Translated, that means no Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TwitPic, or any other service that could in any way compete with authorized media coverage of the event. In the case of the SEC, authorized media coverage rights belong to CBS, who has a $3 billion deal with the conference over the next 15 years according to The St Petersburg Times.

Mashable has the story.

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ESPN’s list of top CFB villians

Alright, so the world wide leader has published there top college football villians and put my main man the Boz at the top of the list at number 1. Sure I know that ESPN needs to put these lists out to appease the masses and cause controversy among it’s readers, but there seems to be some real venom towards my alma matter The Oklahoma Sooners.

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Being a sports fan in AZ. The good, the bad, the ugly

You would think that being a Phoenix sports fan living in Phoenix would be a pretty easy thing right? Great weather, all 4 major sports, and spring training are all here. Impossible to beat you would think. But like with most things in life there is a catch. You can find yourself being in the minority in your own town pretty quickly.

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Coaches poll is out. Guess who is on top?

Coaches preseason poll came out today and the Defending champs are sitting pretty at number one. After Florida you have the usual suspects with 2) Texas, 3) Oklahoma, 4) USC. Where did your team fall? hit the jump and see the entire top 25.

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Tawny Kitaen has nothing on Lane’s boyz

Lane loves to reward his players in the best way possible. So when his team worked hard in the off season to be in shape he had to do something special. Something special like posing next to a orange lambo with there shirts off and pants unbuttoned. I have a feeling whether the vols go 6-6 or 12-0 this will be quite a memorable season.

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