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10 NFL storylines to look forward to: part 2

For about a week or two, I tried to get into Major League Baseball. Those around me know what a difficult task that would be for a person of my sporting interests. I struggled through about 10 minutes of viewing “Baseball Tonight”. I even went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park and ended up spending most of the time watching the British Open on a TV in the air conditioned club section (it’s good to be a Panucci in Pittsburgh). It was more difficult finding a seat around those televisions than in the first deck of the field. Needless to say, embracing baseball did not work, so I am back to NFL preparation mode. Training camp will be starting very soon all around the good old U.S. of A., so allow me to list my 5 additional storylines to follow this 2009 season:

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five wide: Favre screws the vikings edition


Eliza! Why are you dating Rick Fox! I mean come on! It is Rick Fox! He looks like the guy with jerry curl in Coming to America! Oh well at least your show Dollhouse got picked up again so I can keep watching you on my 100 inch plasma…. Let’s go five wide.

Brett Favre stays retired. I think it was def the dorm rooms. – ESPN

Wanna know how much your college team made last year – School revenue

Shaq was on raw last night! I always wondered what he looked like next to the big show – friendsoftheprogram

top questions not asked at Big 12 media day – EDSBS

how to plan a party (NSFW bad language) – college humor

BONUS LINK!!! Thaaank you for showing us this link of 317 different photos of drunk girls kissing. Seriously, thank you. You just made my night. By night i mean the last 5 minutes before I go to bed. (I share way too much)

we pay for links! (in friendship)

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if you were bored of the classic rose bowl matchups then this is your lucky day!

The Rose Bowl once known for the classic Big 10/PAC 10 match up and also well known for Rey Maualuga grinding on Erin Andrews is getting a shake up. Looks like the classic matchup is no more.

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five wide


I had a special request for Ari Gold’s wife AKA the lovely Perrey Reeves and here at EB when you ask you shall receive…Let’s go five wide.

Stephon Marbury breaks down listening to what sounds like R. Kelly – TMZ

I’m not going to a Phillies game anytime soon. – sports crackle pop

Ovechkin sure loves to party!! – with leather

Raaaaaaaandy! part 3 – funny or die

Questions that won’t be asked at big 10 media day – edsbs

You send me links, I post them. See how it works?

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40 days…..

Thats all thats left my friends.  40 more days until College Football returns.  Even though it really starts Thursday, September 3rd, the first glorious drunken football Saturday is just 40 days away.

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Five Wide

Like entourage EB is coming with a vengeance! That means pictures of Sloan! E is an idiot for ever letting her go. What was he thinking! Does anyone else think that this new chick he is banging has a tiny body and an alien head?…..Let’s go five wide!

Aziz from human giant is back with Raaaaaaaandy! Watch these hilarious skits. (part 1) (part 2)

With leather has 15 questions they would like to ask Tim Tebow –

Here is the crappy anti climatic dunk over Lebron James – ebaum

Tennessee needs something to look forward to this season – eric berry 4 heisman

there is no way big ben raped this chick. waaay to ugly – sports crackle pop

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Reasons to be excited about this NFL season part 1

I have contributed twice to Emptybackfield and both times, I have written about hockey. Now like Christopher Nolan doing the commercial hit “Batman Begins” after less mass appealing (but still strong) films “Memento” and “Insomnia”, I take a break to talk about another sports passion of mine that is shared by innumerably more people than ice hockey: the National Football League. So I bring to those who are still not in NFL mode, 10 NFL Storylines to Look Forward to, Part 1:

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DG’s 2009 Top 10 College Football Locks

Sorry loyal EB followers – we editors have been hitting the snooze button a few days too long, getting some vaycay in before the real sports season begins.  I am back slinging it with EB’s bread and butter, college football.  EB’s is full of college football psychopaths, and DG will kick it off today with my top 10 locks for the 2009 season.  My locks over the years have proven that 60% of the time, they work everytime.  Without further adieu…

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if it’s in the game is it in the game? NCAA football ’10 review

Oh yes, she is definitely in the game

Oh yes, she is definitely in the game

It’s that time of the year again. Time to head to your local electronics store and pick up NCAA and right all the wrongs from last years football season. Unfortunately next gen college football has not been too kind to us. On Xbox and PS2 NCAA football was a wildly fun romp that played differently from madden and in many ways was more fun. Next gen systems though NCAA have struggled with poor graphics, fluctuating frame rates, and plenty of bugs.

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This is the Oregon cheerleader coach

She certainly has the right credentials….

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