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If you see this guy(in the Dbacks jersey) in Scottsdale today, buy him a drink….or 20.

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the snooze button – june 30, 2009

Ok, so I hit the Snooze a few too many times this morning.  Anyhow, check out the whats going on in sports this morning…..BANG IT!!!!!

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The news is not good out of H-Town.  After taking the Lakers to 7 games in the Western Conference Semi’s without Yao Ming, the Rockets may have to get use to playing like that for the foreseeable future.  This could be a big blow to a team that can seemingly challenge the Lakers in the West.  While I think career threatening is a little extreme, not having Yao for an entire season will throw a wrench in their plans to improve upon this seasons success.

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five wide

Aaron Rodgers is enjoying his status as a starter and is know getting sexed up by this super model Julie Henderson. Man its good to be king of cheese town. Let’s go five wide!

Cage Potato is doing there top 10 moments in UFC history. Great way to gear up for UFC 100.

UT linebacker Sergio Kindle drove his car into an apartment complex, ran away, and went to bed. – deadspin

Keeping it simple and awesome here is a video of a drunk chick hitting her head. – tasty booze

LSU fans are a wholesome bunch and like to make it a family affair. Including bringing there 4 year olds to drink. – total pro sports

JaMarcus Russell is a great leader. – the big lead

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How many National Championships does your team really have?

My Biggest pet peeve in college football other then the current BCS system has to be schools claiming national championships that are really illegitimate (I’m looking at you Pitt and Alabama). People always ask me “well then which titles are legit and which ones aren’t?” Here is an article that answers the question. Although I don’t think this is perfect, the guys at put together a real nice article last year going through schools and figuring out which titles are legit and which ones aren’t. Hit the jump to see where your school lands.
How many titles does your team really have?

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the snooze button – june 29, 2009

We lost another celeb, the weekend was too short and Monday is already here…bang The Snooze to find out what else went down yesterday…

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five wide

I remember Brooke Burke being the host of all those E! shows and it looks like she still is one hot momma. Lets go five wide!

Did Steve Nash get rid of Shaq? – the big lead

Bruno dances for Conan – tasty booze

With Leather really dislikes Vijay Singh – with leather

Michael Jackson’s first moonwalk! – youtube

This guy made a remix of some of the most infamous press cronferences – youtube

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the snooze button – june 26, 2009

Famous deaths, the NBA Draft, and VINSANITY!!!!!!  Bang The Snooze for all the details……..

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Five Wide

Mirella Grisales draped in lingerie should help you get over any hard feelings you may have towards your teams draft picks tonight. Time to go five wide!

USC football is the mother of all economic stimulus packages – USC poops money

Ohio high school coaches like the nice and young. – busted coverage

with the NBA Draft on right now here is a chance to see the ultimate NBA player!

This two year old smokes a pack of heaters a day. Ironically cancer runs in his family.

official lightsabers for wii!!! – gizmodo

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I remember when I was just a young kid watching my first music video ever and it scared the bejeezus out of me. There were zombies, werewolves, and some crazy scary as hell eyes in the last seconds. Of course it was Michael Jackson’s Thriller and that video was like nothing the world had ever seen and changed the way we all looked at music videos. I grew up watching the best of MJ from Thriller, moonwalker, Captain EO, Bad, and many others. Unfortunately I also saw the worst from MJ with the sexual allegations and all the plastic surgery which made him seem less and less like Mike. But on the day of finding out about the king of pops passing all that comes to mind is the fantastic music and entertainment he brought to the world and for that I am extremely grateful. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

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