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This is Herika Noronha. She is my girlfriend…….okay, that is a lie. Let’s go five wide!

Mir wants to KILL Lesnar – Cage writer

Real funny stuff with Nick Kroll. – ed hardy boyz 2

Ole Miss thinking about a sweet new mascot – friends of the program

Rich Rod is on the hot seat at Michigan – with leather

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Five Wide


I love Olympic sports! who wants to join me and start a curling team for the 2014 winter olympics to meet these hotties….and were five wide.

Chargers let go of LT is all kinds of sweet.

Its MORPHING TIME!!! White power ranger now goes 2-0 in MMA

I wouldnt throw at the combine if I threw from the hip either Timmy – The big lead

Put away your Bama Bangs boys, there could be some trouble – please god let them be put on probation

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it’s a xmas miracle! five wide

She made the naughty list.
She made the naughty list.

She made the naughty list.

As a Christmas gift for all the faithful EB followers we have a very special Five Wide Christmas Edition. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday.

We love power rankings here at EB and what is better then a Tiger Woods mistress power ranking!

Happy belated birthday Joe Pa! – (EDSBS)

watch some NY Knickerbockers singing Halo by Beyonce

The movie im looking most forward to in 2010 is Kick-ass. Here is a new trailer that well, kicks ass.

A coaching conversation with Mike Leach and Mike Gundy – (redcuprebellion)

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five wide: Favre screws the vikings edition


Eliza! Why are you dating Rick Fox! I mean come on! It is Rick Fox! He looks like the guy with jerry curl in Coming to America! Oh well at least your show Dollhouse got picked up again so I can keep watching you on my 100 inch plasma…. Let’s go five wide.

Brett Favre stays retired. I think it was def the dorm rooms. – ESPN

Wanna know how much your college team made last year – School revenue

Shaq was on raw last night! I always wondered what he looked like next to the big show – friendsoftheprogram

top questions not asked at Big 12 media day – EDSBS

how to plan a party (NSFW bad language) – college humor

BONUS LINK!!! Thaaank you for showing us this link of 317 different photos of drunk girls kissing. Seriously, thank you. You just made my night. By night i mean the last 5 minutes before I go to bed. (I share way too much)

we pay for links! (in friendship)

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five wide


I had a special request for Ari Gold’s wife AKA the lovely Perrey Reeves and here at EB when you ask you shall receive…Let’s go five wide.

Stephon Marbury breaks down listening to what sounds like R. Kelly – TMZ

I’m not going to a Phillies game anytime soon. – sports crackle pop

Ovechkin sure loves to party!! – with leather

Raaaaaaaandy! part 3 – funny or die

Questions that won’t be asked at big 10 media day – edsbs

You send me links, I post them. See how it works?

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Five Wide

Like entourage EB is coming with a vengeance! That means pictures of Sloan! E is an idiot for ever letting her go. What was he thinking! Does anyone else think that this new chick he is banging has a tiny body and an alien head?…..Let’s go five wide!

Aziz from human giant is back with Raaaaaaaandy! Watch these hilarious skits. (part 1) (part 2)

With leather has 15 questions they would like to ask Tim Tebow –

Here is the crappy anti climatic dunk over Lebron James – ebaum

Tennessee needs something to look forward to this season – eric berry 4 heisman

there is no way big ben raped this chick. waaay to ugly – sports crackle pop

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five wide

Samaire Armstrong was the hot geeky chick from the O.C. and recently Entourage. She is hot and knows how to hula hoop, need i say more? On to Five Wide!

Shaq lip syncing glory of love. (NESW sports)

Padres former #1 pick crying getting carried out by the po-po’s (thebiglead)

Aziz from human giant has a new viral video out called randy. def. NSFW (funnyordie)

ole miss getting a football show? (thegodfreyshow)

Martellus Bennett shows us the black olympics…yeah (sportscracklepop)

You send us links we send you ham sandwiches.

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five wide

Stephanie Marshall from coed magazine really makes me miss college. So much so I am going to turn off the lights, light some candles, listen to Asher Roth and oogle her picture for a while…..Let’s go five wide!

we love nerds, especially when they freak out over video games. Here are the 10 best

Got problems with collusion in your fantasy league? take it to court!

Craig Robinson wants you to get sexy

Where is chong li the bad ass from bloodsport? glad you asked

UFC is coming to my hometown of Oklahoma City! – cagepotato

got links?

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five wide

Aaron Rodgers is enjoying his status as a starter and is know getting sexed up by this super model Julie Henderson. Man its good to be king of cheese town. Let’s go five wide!

Cage Potato is doing there top 10 moments in UFC history. Great way to gear up for UFC 100.

UT linebacker Sergio Kindle drove his car into an apartment complex, ran away, and went to bed. – deadspin

Keeping it simple and awesome here is a video of a drunk chick hitting her head. – tasty booze

LSU fans are a wholesome bunch and like to make it a family affair. Including bringing there 4 year olds to drink. – total pro sports

JaMarcus Russell is a great leader. – the big lead

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five wide

I remember Brooke Burke being the host of all those E! shows and it looks like she still is one hot momma. Lets go five wide!

Did Steve Nash get rid of Shaq? – the big lead

Bruno dances for Conan – tasty booze

With Leather really dislikes Vijay Singh – with leather

Michael Jackson’s first moonwalk! – youtube

This guy made a remix of some of the most infamous press cronferences – youtube

It is the weekend so you have no excuse but to send me some tasty links!

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