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The Darnell Dockett Tweet of the week

“I think I’m big meech.. Larry hoover… Whippn work.. hallajuah.. One nation.. under GOD. Real ninjas getting $$ from the F*cking start!”

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Overtime with Brian and Friends!

Overtime with Brian and Friends was nice enough to invite me back for a quick NBA finals Podcast. Check it out.

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its been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you…

Ari is one lucky bastard

Ari is one lucky bastard

Starting Monday we are going back too full posting duties. That means we will be covering all your favorite sports and also bringing back your favorite and mine, Five Wide. So we know we have been away for a while but I hope you will come back and check out the website on the reg.

- Justin

Editor & Chief

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Overtime with Brian and friends!

Champey bitches!! - Summer from the O.C. (best show of the decade?)

"Champey bitches!!" - Summer from the O.C. (best show of the decade?)

Joined Brian once again on his bodcast and go over the best of the decade ranging from sports to TV. Take a listen and let us know your best of the decade in the comments section.

Best of the decade podcast

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What happens when you get two former Orlando Magic Employees and have them on a podcast? Well, in one word Magic (pun intended).

I make my first ever podcast appearance on Overtime with Brian and friends. We cover lots of Arizona sports, the BCS, NFL, and maybe a little tiger woods. check it out here.

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Being a sports fan in AZ. The good, the bad, the ugly

You would think that being a Phoenix sports fan living in Phoenix would be a pretty easy thing right? Great weather, all 4 major sports, and spring training are all here. Impossible to beat you would think. But like with most things in life there is a catch. You can find yourself being in the minority in your own town pretty quickly.

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10 NFL storylines to look forward to: part 2

For about a week or two, I tried to get into Major League Baseball. Those around me know what a difficult task that would be for a person of my sporting interests. I struggled through about 10 minutes of viewing “Baseball Tonight”. I even went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park and ended up spending most of the time watching the British Open on a TV in the air conditioned club section (it’s good to be a Panucci in Pittsburgh). It was more difficult finding a seat around those televisions than in the first deck of the field. Needless to say, embracing baseball did not work, so I am back to NFL preparation mode. Training camp will be starting very soon all around the good old U.S. of A., so allow me to list my 5 additional storylines to follow this 2009 season:

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DG’s 2009 Top 10 College Football Locks

Sorry loyal EB followers – we editors have been hitting the snooze button a few days too long, getting some vaycay in before the real sports season begins.  I am back slinging it with EB’s bread and butter, college football.  EB’s is full of college football psychopaths, and DG will kick it off today with my top 10 locks for the 2009 season.  My locks over the years have proven that 60% of the time, they work everytime.  Without further adieu…

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This is the Oregon cheerleader coach

She certainly has the right credentials….

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Say it ain’t so Colin.  For those who haven’t seen it, Colin Cowherd, ESPN’s nationally syndicated radio midday show host, has a teamed up with some hot blonde named Michelle Beadel to do a daily hour long interactive sportstalk show on ESPN2.  I for one was excited Monday morning as I am a huge Colin Cowherd fan.  For sports fans, college football in particular, or just guys in general, Cowherd hits multiple home runs a day.  He’s fresh, interesting, and an out of the box thinker who plays to his strengths.  He tackles even tough subjects with funny and unique angles that even if you don’t agree with him, at least gives you a differing perspective you have to consider.  I strongly recommend you check him out from 10-2 on radio or ESPNU.

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